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Board of Zoning Appeals

Board Description

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) members are appointed by the Circuit Court and serve five year terms; one member also serves as a member of the Planning Commission. The BZA is a quasi-judicial board and has the following powers: to hear and decide appeals to the determination of the Zoning Administrator in the application of the Zoning Ordinance; to authorize upon request in specific cases a variance from the Zoning Ordinance; to hear and decide applications for the interpretation of the zoning district map, where there is a question as to the location of a district boundary; and, to determine, in cases of uncertainty, of the district classification of any use not specifically named in the Zoning Ordinance, provided the use is in keeping with uses specifically permitted in the district in which the use is to be classified.


Five years - two successive.


Meeting Date/Time/Location
The BZA meets as needed on the first Monday of the month at 4:00pm at the City Council Chambers (409 South Main Street).



Board Members


Term Expiration Address
Mr. Muawia Da'Mes 1st 3-20-17 81 Rex Road
Mr. Matthew Phillippi Unexpired 1st 3-20-18 424 E. Water Street
Mr. Thomas Jenkins 1st 3-20-19 375 E. Wolfe Street
Mr. Dany Fleming 2nd 3-20-20 233 Monument Ave
Mr. Glen Stoltzfus 1st 3-20-17 981 Summit Ave.








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