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Notice of Award documents for bids and proposals for 2016 (older than three months).


Title Notice of Award(s)
PDF All award files are in PDF format.
Award Date
Date format: month-day-year.
Operation of Food Service at Heritage Oaks Golf Course Clubhouse RFP No Award [221KB]


Dark Fiber Connections RFP & addenda Notice of Award [144KB] 


Traffic Control Cabinet Assemblies RFP & addenda Notice of Award [133KB] 


Reservoir Street Project ITB & addenda Notice of Award [133KB] 


Decommissioning, Decontamination & Partial Demolition of the Resource Recovery Facility RFP  & addenda Notice of Award [143KB]  02-10-16
Group Health Insurance Coverage RFP & addenda Notice of Award [136KB]  03-01-16
Fertilizers & Plant Protectant Products ITB & addenda Notice of Award (Multiple) [1MB]  03-02-16
Bluestone Trail Extension ITB & addenda No Award [215KB] 03-10-16
Overhead Door Maintenance & Repair ITB Notice of Award [131KB]  03-18-16
Food Truck Services at Ramblewood Athletic Complex (Request for Contract) & addenda No Award [8KB] 03-18-16
Performance Management Software RFP & addenda No Award [135KB] 03-21-16
Advertising Services RFP Notice of Award [126KB] 03-28-16
Main Street Streetscape Project Phase 3 ITB & addenda No Award 03-28-16
Mosby Road Sidewalk Project ITB & addenda Notice of Award [127KB] 03-28-16
Operation of Food Service at Heritage Oaks Golf Course Clubhouse RE-BID RFP & addenda Notice of Award [132KB] 03-30-16
Food Truck or Concession Services at Smithland Road Soccer Complex (Request for Contract) & addenda Notice of Award [129KB] 04-06-16
Assessment of Fair Housing & 5-Year Consolidated Plan RFP  & addenda Notice of Award [133KB]   04-08-16
Turf Management Products RFP & addenda Notice of Award [127KB]  04-18-16
Park View Tank 0.5 MG Elevated Water Tank ITB & addenda Notice of Award [143KB]  04-19-16
Large Water Meter Testing Calibration, Repair & Replacement Services RFP  Notice of Award [134KB]  04-27-16
Water Treatment Chemicals ITB & addenda Notice of Award [128KB ] 05-05-16
East Market Street Stormwater Improvements ITB & addenda No Award 05-13-16
Tesco Signal Backup Systems & Batteries ITB & addenda Notice of Award [132KB] 05-17-16
Cab & Chassis Upfit Package ITB Notice of Award [129KB]  06-15-16
Mobile Office Trailer ITB & addenda Notice of Award [130KB]  06-21-16
New Roof Installation ITB & addenda Notice of Award [135KB]  06-24-16
Consultant Services RFP & addenda Notice of Award [148KB]  06-29-16
Snow & Ice Removal Services RFP

Notice of Award [149KB]

Notice of Award [156KB]

Notice of Award [133KB]




Employee Assistance Program RFP & addenda Notice of Award [132KB] 07-06-16
Ready Mix Concrete ITB & addenda

Notice of Award (Primary) [135KB]

Notice of Award (Secondary) [134KB]

MXU Battery Pack Assemblies ITB Notice of Award [37KB] 07-19-16
Harrisonburg Fire Station #1 Renovations ITB & addenda Notice of Award [46KB] 07-19-16
Water Tank Construction Inspection Services RFP Notice of Award [151KB]  07-19-16
Farmer's Market Restroom Renovation ITB & addenda Notice of Award [44KB] 07-19-16
HPE Networking Equipment ITB & addenda Notice of Award [38KB]  07-20-16
Stamped Asphalt Project 2016 ITB Notice of Award [134KB]  08-03-16
Burgess Road Signal Project ITB & addenda No Award 08-08-16
Uniform Purchase RFP & addenda Notice of Award [140KB]  08-12-16
Pest Control Services RFP & addenda Notice of Award [136KB] 08-16-16
Consulting Engineering Firms for Garbers Church Road Shared Use Path RFP & addenda  Notice of Award [138KB] 09-02-16 
Golf Cars Lease RFP Notice of Award [124KB] 10-04-16
On-Call Consulting Engineering Firms RFP & addenda Multiple Notice of Awards [673KB] 10-12-16
Consulting Engineering Firm for Stormwater Improvement Plan RFP & addenda Notice of Award [132KB] 10-12-16
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Upgrade RFP & addenda Notice of Award [142KB] 10-19-16
Harrisonburg Solid Waste Transfer Station ITB & addenda Notice of Award [130KB] 11-17-16
Janitorial Services RFP & addenda Notice of Award [137KB]  11-23-16
Two Ton Cab & Chassis & addenda No Award 11-23-16
Bluestone Trail Extension ITB & addenda Notice of Award [129KB]  12-14-16
Tandem Axle Dump Truck Notice of Award [129KB] 12-29-16


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