Terms and Conditions - Be Heard Harrisonburg!

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Things To Know

  • To register a user account and begin participation, visit http://beheardharrisonburg.org.
  • As a city-related program, Be Heard Harrisonburg is subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). User information and content posted are subject to public disclosure. To participate, users must provide their first and last name and physical address.
  • An email will be sent as a welcome after the user signs up.
  • After ideas are posted by users, an automated email confirmation will be sent to the user.
  • It is recommended for users to share posts through social media to encourage others to participate and support ideas. If a comment is made on your idea, an email will be sent to notify you that someone commented on your post.
  • Once an idea is posted, the system will show its progress as "created, acknowledged, referred, under review, in progress, not planned, resolved, completed." (see status definitions below).
  • This forum is not meant to replace contact or correspondence between the public and elected officials or city administration.


Ideas: This is where all users are able to post their great thoughts and ideas for Harrisonburg. After posting an idea, users are encouraged to share that idea with friends so they in turn will also participate and support your idea. Ideas will be reviewed by a staff member and a response (defined below) will be given to the idea.

Forums: Forums are places for users to submit ideas tailored to a specific topic. This is a great place for sensitive idea collection and collecting new ideas around public and community plans.

Discussions: These are designed to solicit citizen feedback surrounding a specific topic. Each discussion can contain one or more topics. Users are able to leave threaded comments for each topic.

Surveys: Informal surveys can be distributed to the community. Surveys can be set so that users who have not registered are also able to participate in the survey but no other conversations.

eComments: eComments is designed for users to give their thoughts on certain agenda items, which are posted online prior to each City Council meeting. City Council and city administration will be able to review the comments once they are posted.