Garbers Church Road Shared Use Path

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The Garbers Church Road Shared Use Path project consists of sidewalk and shared use path (SUP) improvements along Garbers Church Road, between Garbers Church Road and Thomas Harrison Middle School, and between Thomas Harrison Middle School and Westover Park.  The project will connect schools, parks, and residential neighborhoods, and will extend the sidewalk and SUP constructed as part of the new Bluestone Elementary School.

The project includes sidewalk and SUP construction along the east side of Garbers Church Road.  The sidewalk portion of the project will begin at the entrance to Bluestone Elementary School and continue north along the east side of Garbers Church Road to Park Lawn Drive.  The SUP portion of the project extends along the road frontage of the Elementary School property, goes south until it’s across the road from the High School, and then leaves the road right-of-way heading east toward Hillandale Park.  The project will replace a pedestrian bridge leading to Hillandale Avenue in Hillandale Park.

A portion of the route will utilize Hillandale Avenue, in the park, and potential roadway improvements will be assessed to facilitate this shared road condition.  Leaving the east side of the park, the SUP will utilize an existing power line easement, as it makes its way toward Thomas Harrison Middle School.  A future phase of the project will connect the ending point at Thomas Harrison Middle School to Westover Park.


Public Meeting November 9, 2017

Public Works will be accepting public comments on the plans provided below through November 23, 2017.  Public comments may be submitted by mail to the address on the comment sheet provided, by email to, or through

Comment Form PDF[1.6MB]

Poster 1: Garbers Church Shared Use Path 

Poster 2: Garbers Church Shared Use Path PDF[1.0MB]

Poster 3: Garbers Church Shared Use Path PDF[1.5MB]

Poster 4: Garbers Church Shared Use Path PDF[0.8MB]

Poster 5: Garbers Church Shared Use Path PDF[3.5MB]

Poster 6: Garbers Church Shared Use Path PDF[2.1MB]



  • November 2016 – VHB under contract for engineering services
  • January 2017 - Citizen Information Meeting to share concepts and receive public input
  • Late 2017 – Design Public Hearing to show proposed route and receive feedback
  • 2018 – Right of way
  • 2019 – Construction


Questions? Contact Thomas Hartman, PE at or 540-434-5928.