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Real Estate Property Information System

Does the City Have Land Use?

Land may be eligible for special valuation and assessment when it is used for agricultural, horticultural, forest or open space. You need to have at least five acres or more. Forest needs at least 20 acres. The applicant must furnish, upon request of the local assessing officer, proof of all prerequisites to use valuation and assessment, such as proof of ownership, description, areas, uses, and production. Any change in acres, zoning or change in use will be subject to a five year roll back tax.


Does the City Have Tax Breaks for Homes?

The City has partial exemption from taxation for rehabilitated, renovated or replaced real estate. The property has to be located within the B-1 Central Business District. The partial exemption from taxation shall commence on July 1 of the year following the final inspection and shall run with the real estate for a period of no longer than five years. The exemption is equal to the difference between the assessed base value established at the initial inspection before the rehabilitation, renovation or replacement and the final assessed value.

Is There Any Tax Break for the Elderly or Disabled?

There is a tax break for anybody over the age of 65 or permanently disabled with a gross income not to exceed $30,000 and a net worth not to exceed $75,000. Applications must be filed by May 1 prior to the fiscal year for which the exemption is requested. The title to the property for which exemption is claimed by the person must be held on July 1 of the taxable year by the person or persons claiming exemption.  More information.