Draft Comprehensive Plan Chapters

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Draft Comprehensive Plan Text and Maps (PDF All files in PDF format)

Draft chapters of the Comprehensive Plan have been compiled with a combination of inputs from the 2011 Comprehensive Plan, Planning Commission, Advisory Committees and city staff during Spring and Summer of 2017. The public comment period is open between October 9, 2017 and November 28, 2017, and includes four public workshops. Comments may be submitted at the workshops, on Be Heard Harrisonburg, by emailing Thanh.Dang@harrisonburgva.gov, or writing to the Department of Planning & Community Development, c/o Thanh Dang, City Planner, 409 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.

Community members are encouraged to attend one or all of the Fall Public Workshops scheduled for October and November 2017. Fall workshops schedule and location information. 


Notes about the files below:

  • The "All Draft Comprehensive Plan Chapters" file can be downloaded and printed double sided. Text pages in the "All Draft Comprehensive Plan Chapters" file are sized 8.5"x11" and map pages are sized 11"x17".
  • Draft chapters and maps can also be downloaded individually. Readers are given the option to download maps sized as 11"x17" or 24"x36". Many of the 24"x36" sized maps contain greater detail than the 11"x17" sized maps. 


All Draft Comprehensive Plan Chapters - Chapters 1 through 9 [8.17MB] 

All Draft Comprehensive Plan - Chapters 10 through 15 [23.5MB] 


Draft Chapter 1 Introduction [198KB]

Draft Chapter 2 Vision and Goals [524KB] 

Draft Chapter 3 Implementation [133KB]

Draft Chapter 4 Planning Context [575KB]

Historic Growth 11"x17" map [825KB]

Historic Growth 24"x36" map [2.83MB]

Draft Chapter 5 Community Engagement & Collaboration [130KB]

Draft Chapter 6 Land Use and Development Quality [391KB]

Existing Land Use map 11"x17" [957KB]

Existing Land Use map 24"x36" [2.90MB]

Zoning map 11"x17" [1.09MB]

Zoning map 24"x36" [3.05MB]

Draft Land Use Guide map 11"x17" [718KB]

Draft Land Use Guide map 24"x36" [2.53MB]

Draft Chapter 7 Neighborhoods and Housing [1.10MB]

Draft Chapter 8 Education, Workforce Development, and Lifelong Learning [319KB]

Harrisonburg City Public Schools 11"x17" map [984KB]

Harrisonburg City Public Schools 24"x36" map [2.53MB]

Draft Chapter 9 Arts, Culture, and Historic Resources [242KB]

Downtown Special Districts 11"x17" map [1.71MB]

Downtown Special Districts 24"X26" map [4.38MB]

Historic Districts 11x"17" map [813KB]

Historic Districts 24"x36" map [2.04MB]

Draft Chapter 10 Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability [214KB]

Land Cover 11"x17" map [10.6MB]

Land Cover 24"x36" map [1.64MB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Hydrology 11"x17" map [5.18MB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Hydrology 24"x36" map [2.62MB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Carbonate Karst and Steep Slopes 11"x17" map [578KB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Carbonate Karst and Steep Slopes 24"x26" map [2.22MB]

Draft Chapter 11 Parks and Recreation [150KB]

Parks and Recreation 11"x17" [813KB]

Parks and Recreation 24"x36" [1.70MB]

Draft Chapter 12 Transportation [580KB]

Street Network map 11"x17" [585KB]

Street Network map 24"x36" [2.15MB]

2017 Traffic Volume-to-Capacity map 11"x17" [908KB]

2017 Traffic Volume-to-Capacity map 24"x36" [2.16KB]

2040 Traffic Volume-to-Capacity map 11"x17" [920KB]

2040 Traffic Volume-to-Capacity map 24"x36" [2.15KB]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities map 11"x17" [899KB]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities map 24"x36" [308MB]

Draft Street Improvement Plan map 11"x17" [935KB]

Draft Street Improvement Plan map 24"x36" [2.25MB]

Draft Chapter 13 Community Infrastructure, Services, Safety & Health [509KB]

Water Service map 11"x17" [760KB]

Water Service map 24"x36" [2.54MB]

Sanitary Sewer Service map 11"x17" [693KB]

Sanitary Sewer Service map 24"x36" [2.46KB]

Public Safety Services map 11"x17" [896KB]

Public Safety Services map 24"x36" [2.84MB]

Draft Chapter 14 Economic Development & Tourism [365KB]

Draft Chapter 15 Revitalization [176KB]

Revitalization and Economic Development Areas 11"x17" map [696KB]

Revitalization and Economic Development Areas 24"x36" map [2.55MB]


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