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Notice of Public Hearing

The Harrisonburg Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 7:00pm in City Council Chambers, 409 South Main Street, to consider the City of Harrisonburg’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Comprehensive Plan

Public hearing to consider adoption of the comprehensively updated City Comprehensive Plan. The proposed Comprehensive Plan will replace the current Comprehensive Plan, which was last comprehensively updated and approved on May 10, 2011. Virginia Code Section 15.2-2223 requires the City to have a Comprehensive Plan. Comprehensive plans deal fundamentally with the physical characteristics of a community. Hence, land use is the core element of a comprehensive plan. However, in order to arrive at an appropriate plan for the use of land, other physical aspects must be addressed, such as environmental features, transportation, water and wastewater facilities, and other public facilities. Additionally, other issues are reviewed including, but not limited to, affordable housing, historic resources, employment, and economic development. Components of a comprehensive plan should be well-coordinated and complimentary. As drafted, the proposed Comprehensive Plan will guide the City’s general development for the next twenty years. The proposed Plan consists of the following chapters: (1) Introduction, (2) Vision and Goals, (3) Implementation, (4) Planning Context, (5) Community Engagement and Collaboration, (6) Land Use and Development Quality, (7) Neighborhoods and Housing, (8) Education, Workforce Development, and Lifelong Learning, (9) Arts, Culture, and Historic Resources, (10) Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship, (11) Parks and Recreation, (12) Transportation, (13) Community Infrastructure, Services, Safety, and Health, (14) Economic Development and Tourism, (15) Revitalization, and (16) Goal, Objective, and Strategy Statements. The Comprehensive Plan includes an updated Land Use Guide and Street Improvement Plan. The Land Use Guide recommends future long-term (20+ year) land uses in the City. All three development types must be considered for the Land Use Guide: new development, infill development, and redevelopment. The Land Use Guide descriptions and map make up the official land use policy of the Comprehensive Plan and is to be used as a guide in decisions on such matters as rezonings, special use permit proposals, and the location of public facilities. The Street Improvement Plan project descriptions and map identify transportation infrastructure improvements that the City may pursue to address safety, congestion, bicycle and pedestrian needs, and new development. The City did not prioritize projects in the Street Improvement Plan. Instead, the City will utilize the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Long Range Transportation Plan to represent prioritized projects.

Information related to the proposed updated Comprehensive Plan is available to review on the Comprehensive Plan website and at the Department of Planning & Community Development, 409 South Main Street, 2nd Floor, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. All persons interested will have an opportunity to express their views at these public hearings. Any individual requiring auxiliary aids, including signers, in connection with the public hearing shall notify the Planner at 540-432-7700 at least five days prior to the date of the meeting. Comments may also be sent to Thanh.Dang@harrisonburgva.gov or addressed to the Department of Planning & Community Development and will be shared with Planning Commission and City Council. 

It is anticipated that City Council will receive Planning Commission’s recommendation and hold a public hearing on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 7:00pm in City Council Chambers. Final adoption is anticipated for November 27, 2018. 


Draft Comprehensive Plan Text and Maps, October 1, 2018 (PDF All files in PDF format)

Draft chapters of the Comprehensive Plan were compiled through a combination of inputs from the 2011 Comprehensive Plan, Planning Commission, Advisory Committees and city staff during throughout 2017 and 2018.  


All Chapters of the Draft Comprehensive Plan [9.27MB]


Draft Cover Page, Title Sheet, Acknowledgements [332KB]

Draft Chapter 1 Introduction [664KB]

Draft Chapter 2 Vision and Goals [802KB] 

Draft Chapter 3 Implementation [436KB]

Draft Chapter 4 Planning Context [691KB]

Historic Growth 11"x17" map [825KB]

Draft Chapter 5 Community Engagement & Collaboration [1691KB]

Draft Chapter 6 Land Use and Development Quality [797KB]

Existing Land Uses map 11"x17" [957KB]

Existing Land Uses map 24"x36" [2.95MB]

Existing Zoning map 11"x17" [1.1MB]

Existing Zoning map 24"x36" [3.1MB]

Land Use Guide map 11"x17" [724KB]

Land Use Guide map 24"x36" [2.66MB]

Draft Chapter 7 Neighborhoods and Housing [1.5MB]

Draft Chapter 8 Education, Workforce Development, and Lifelong Learning [748KB]

Harrisonburg City Public Schools 11"x17" map [951KB]

Draft Chapter 9 Arts, Culture, and Historic Resources [616KB]

Existing Downtown Special Districts 11"x17" map [1.38MB]

Existing Historic Districts 11x"17" map [813KB]

Draft Chapter 10 Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability [675KB]

Existing Land Cover 11"x17" map [10.6MB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Hydrology 11"x17" map [739KB]

Environmentally Significant Areas - Carbonate Karst and Steep Slopes 11"x17" map [578KB]

Draft Chapter 11 Parks and Recreation [655KB]

Existing Parks and Recreation Facilities 11"x17" [813KB]

Draft Chapter 12 Transportation [1.5MB] 

Existing Street Network map 11"x17" [585KB]

2018 Average Daily Traffic Counts and Traffic Volume-to-Capacity Ratios map 11"x17" [789KB] 

2040 Estimated Traffic Volume-to-Capacity Ratio map 11"x17" [811KB] 

Potential Safety Improvements map 11"x17" [843KB]

Street Improvement Plan map 11"x17" [955KB] 

Street Improvement Plan map 24"x36" [2.33MB]  

Draft Chapter 13 Community Infrastructure, Services, Safety & Health [899KB]

Existing Water Service map 11"x17" [1.1MB]

Existing Sanitary Sewer Service map 11"x17" [693KB]

Existing Public Safety Services map 11"x17" [898KB]

Draft Chapter 14 Economic Development & Tourism [822KB]

Economic Development Incentive Zones 11"x17" map [707KB]

Draft Chapter 15 Revitalization [543KB]

Potential Small Area Plans 11"x17" [1.02MB]

Gateways and Corridor Enhancement Areas 11"x17" [887KB]

Chapter 16 Draft Goal, Objective, and Strategy Statements [537KB]


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