On the Road Collaborative Planting

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Current Size: 80%

  • Project Date: April 2017
  • Partners: On the Road Collaborative and Skyline Elementary School
  • Volunteers: 15 students and 3 adult supervisors

Student volunteers planted Willow and Red Osier Dogwood whips along the banks of Seiberts Creek in Purcell Park. The plantings will help hold the bank in bare areas where floodwaters are starting to erode away. 300 whips where planted as a part of the project, and a Blackgum and Sassafras tree were transplanted along the stream. 

Whips along Seiberts Creek

Willow and Red Osier Dogwood whips were planted in bare spots along the streambank.


Whips along the stream

The plantings will help reduce erosion and protect the stream bank.