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Permit Directory

Building Permit Application Checklist and Building Permit Impervious Square Footage Form

Attention: See below regarding new application submittal requirements to accommodate the Stormwater Utility Program


A multi-department City staff team completed an evaluation of the City's building permit process specifically focusing on ways to prevent unanticipated expenses and delays for matters mainly occurring after permits have been issued.

The evaluation resulted in the creation of a Building Permit Application Checklist, which City Council supported for implementation. Individuals applying for building permits must complete and submit a Building Permit Application Checklist before a permit application will be accepted.

PDF[74KB] Building Permit Application Checklist  
PDF[77KB] Lista De Control De Solicitud De Permiso De Construccion


PDF[25KB] Checklist Implementation Public Memo 
PDF[47KB] Cambio Propuesto Para El Proceso De Permiso De Construccion Memorando


With the adoption of the Stormwater Utility Program, beginning May 4, 2015, building permit application submittal will require an applicant to submit a Building Permit Impervious Square Footage Form. The document below summarizes the changes being implemented for building permit (and comprehensive site plan) application submittal. Please note this form is also required at the time of submittal for demolition permits.

PDF[240KB] Memorandum Regarding Application Changes Accommodating the Stormwater Utility Program 

PDF[23KB] Building Permit Impervious Square Footage Form


If you have questions regarding the Building Permit Checklist please Contact the Department of Planning and Community Development.

The Department of Planning and Community Development's Building Inspections Division provides plan review by administering the building plan review process and coordinating it with other divisions within the department and to other city departments to ensure building projects are undertaken in conjunction with all applicable codes and ordinances. Division personnel also provide prompt and courteous inspections and record-keeping of all permitted activities to ensure compliance with applicable codes and plans.

Use the permit directory list below to learn more about the permits issued by the Building Inspections Division. 

BulletBackflow Prevention Device BulletElectrical Permit BulletRoofing Permit
BulletBlasting Permit BulletFire Suppression System Permit BulletStorage Tanks
BulletBuilding Permit BulletMechanical Permit BulletSwimming Pools
BulletDemolition Permit BulletPlumbing Permit BulletTent Permit

Other permits:

BulletComprehensive Site Plan BulletLand Disturbing Permit  BulletSign Permit 
BulletDowntown Outdoor Dining BulletParking Permit BulletSpecial Use Permit
BulletFire Hydrant Use Permit BulletPublic Access Permit   
BulletHome Occupation Permit BulletPublic Tree Planting, Pruning, or Removal Permit