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City Budget & Finance

The City of Harrisonburg operates on a fiscal year from July 1 to June 30.

Each year the City Manager prepares the budget using input from department directors. The City Manager then presents the proposed budget to City Council for approval. 

The Harrisonburg City Code requires a proposed balanced budget to be submitted to City Council at least 60 days (by April 30) before the end of each fiscal year.

Before City Council adopts the budget, two public hearings must be held to receive input from the community.  City Code also states that the budget must be adopted at least 30 days (by May 30) before the end of the fiscal year.

Both proposed and adopted budgets are public documents and are available to citizens for review. 

PDF All files are in PDF format.


Have an idea for the 2015-2016 city budget?

Harrisonburg City Council and staff continue the process of developing a budget for the next fiscal year (2015-2016) beginning July 1. To kick this process off, a survey was published online at www.BeHeardHarrisonburg.org. Residents were able to submit comments about the budget before a public hearing was held. More than 120 individuals submitted ideas for the upcoming budget. 

Survey Results [170KB]

A discussion, with several questions to help stimulate thoughts, has now been posted and is available by visiting www.BeHeardHarrisonburg.org. The City encourages those with NEW ideas to post them to this site. This discussion will be open until the first public hearing is held on the budget, which is tentatively scheduled on April 28, 2015.


City Budgets

2016 Proposed Budget [900KB]

Budget Presentation 4/28/15 [762KB]


2015 Adopted Budget [693KB]

2015 Proposed Budget [823KB]

2014 Adopted Budget [742KB]

2014 Proposed Budget [727KB]

2013 Adopted Budget [612KB]

2013 Proposed Budget [641KB]

2012 Adopted Budget [1MB]

2012 Proposed Budget [7.7MB]

2011 Adopted Budget [5.8MB]

2011 Proposed Budget [816KB]

2010 Adopted Budget [1.8MB]

2010 Proposed Budget [6.4MB]





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