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Why is My Street Always Plowed Last?

The snow plow trucks run on a primary route system, which includes approximately 60% of the lane miles in the City. The trucks remain on these primary routes until the snow/precipitation has ended then they begin on the remaining streets. It is important to remember that the number one concern is to clear the main streets for emergency traffic.


Who Do I Call If There is a Dead Animal in the Road?

If the dead animal is on private property, it is the landowner's responsibility to dispose of the animal properly.

If the dead animal is on public property and is domesticated (cat, dog or other pet), call the Animal Control Office: 540-437-2671.  

If the dead animal is on public property and a non-domesticated (wild) animal, call the Public Works Department Office: 540-434-5928.


Leaf Collection

The City is separated into the east and west sections with leaf trucks assigned to each section on alternating weeks. Citizens are asked to rake their leaves out to the curb or the edge of the roadway.


The Adopt-A-Street program originated in the Virginia Department of Transportation in cooperation with the Virginia Division of Litter Control and Recycling and Keep Virginia Beautiful Inc. to help alleviate increasing litter problems.