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The Billing Division of the Department of Public Utilities currently manages all water and sewer accounts.  The Billing Division is located at 2155 Beery Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801 and can be reached by telephone at 540-434-6783 and by fax at 540-434-9769.

Download applications for connection and disconnection online.


New Customer (Existing Service)

If you are moving into a house, apartment or business with an existing service, in most cases all you must do is stop by the Department of Public Utilities and pay a deposit.  Water and sewer services can be connected the day the deposit is made, or a day later.  Water services are generally turned on during business hours. 

Along with your deposit, you must bring:

  • Photo ID
  • Your address
  • Your telephone number
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Lease, deed or Housing and Urban Development (HUD) settlement
  • James Madison University students should bring their Utility Deposit Application Payment (UDAP). 

You do not have to be at home to be connected, but you are urged to have all faucets turned off to prevent possible property damage.  The city service personnel may choose to leave your service off if running water is detected.  This is to protect your property.  However, if faucets have been left on in the house and your water service is connected, the City will not be responsible for any damages. 


New Customer (New Construction)

The City realizes that people need to plan for water and sewer services before they can build a new house or a business facility.  The Department of Public Utilities wants to make it as easy as possible to obtain these connections.

Step 1
Many questions can be answered by a visit to the Department of Public Utilities.  Those interested in building should contact the department to determine:

  • If an existing public main is located close enough to meet needs.
  • The expected water pressure conditions.
  • The expected fire suppression capacity.
  • The guidelines for the size and type of water meter to install.
  • The guidelines for determining whether gravity or pumped sewer service is required.

Information from the City is free.  It is a chance for you to learn how to get water or sewer service to your building site whether it is a single building or a major development. 

Step 2
Construction for new connections is a cooperative venture of the City and the customer.  The City will construct new services from the existing main to the street right-of-way or easement line upon payment of applicable fees.  It is the customers responsibility to take the services from the right-of-way or easement line to the dwelling.

When you are 100% sure you will be building, please make arrangements to visit the Department of Public Utilities to pay your established fees.  Fees vary based on the size and type of building taking place.  Fees are set by the Harrisonburg City Council and information about them can be found in City Code of Ordinance 7-4-22.

Step 3
At the end of construction and upon completion of the services by the Department of Public Utilities and your builder, a home owner or a new business will move into the building and the City will have a new water and sewer customer.

As your project nears completion, the home owner or business operator should contact Public Utilities to be sure they are properly connected and that water and sewer will be available when the customer is ready.  If everything is in line, the customer may fill out an application for service and pay their deposit and their water will be turned on.