Geographic Information System (GIS)

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Geographic Information System (GIS) technology combines layers of information concerning a particular area to give people a better understanding of that area. Different layers of information can be combined to tell a "different story."

Please note: Pop-up blockers must be turned off in order us use the GIS viewer. If you do not enable pop-ups in your browser, the GIS viewer will not work properly.

For questions, comments, or issues with the GIS viewer, please contact the Community Development Department - 540-432-7700.


Real Estate Information System

Real Estate
Information System

GIS Viewer

GIS Viewer



Stormwater Fee Mapping Tool

Stormwater Fee
Mapping Tool

Flood Plain

Floodplain Map

Real Estate
Information System v2.0 -
Provides assessment
information -
print property cards,
find neighborhood sales.

GIS Mapping System:
Provides city maps and
other information.

*Updated map as of January 2018.

For questions, call 540-432-7706.

View PDF's of Tax Maps,
Topo Maps from 1996,
and other maps.
Find out the
impervious area assessment
of a property.
*New - View the City's Floodplain Map.


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