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This page lists the latest adopted ordinances before they are available on the Municipal Code website.  The online code book is updated with supplements four times a year.  Ordinances will be taken off this website once they are inserted in the Municipal Code. 

Supplemental 55 Update 4 is available on the Municipal Code website for the City of Harrisonburg.

PDF All files are in PDF format.

Supplemental 56 Update 1

Sections 10-3-25(14) and 10-3-258(29) Off-Street Parking (Community Buildings)  [75KB]

Section 10-3-25.1(3) - Off-Street Bicycle Parking Spaces [111 KB]

Section 10-3-25(7) - Off-Street Vehicle and Bicycling Parking [97KB]

Section 10-3-91, 10-3-92 and 10-3-93 - Uses permitted only by Special Use Permit [254KB] 

01-1-12 Election District, Voting Places (effective 07/01/22)  [456KB]

01-1-12(1)(e) Election District, Voting Places (JMU)  [66 KB]

01-1-11 Designation of Boundaries of Wards [67KB]

14-1-1 through 14-1-107 - Taxi Cabs [1.3MB]

Supplemental 56 Update 2

Section 2-4-2 - City Council Pay effective July 1, 2023 [62KB]

Section 7-4-1 - Water and Sewer Rates [377KB]



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