Annual Smoke Alarm and Free Pizza Night

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Delivering pizzasDid you know, three out of five home fire deaths had no working smoke alarms? 

Each year, the Harrisonburg Fire Department and CiCi's, sponsor a Free Pizza and Free Smoke Alarm event for residents living within the Harrisonburg City limits.  

The 19th Annual Free Pizza Free Smoke Alarm Event will be taking place on July 13th from 4-8pm.

Harrisonburg City residents can call CiCi's at 540-432-9099 or order online during the event.

HFD personnel and volunteers will deliver the pizza and check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. A home without a working smoke alarm could cost you your life. Why not keep your home safe and get a free pizza too?

*For Harrisonburg residents living within the city limits only.  



Checking smoke alarmHFD visiting residents