Harrisonburg Recreational Fire Guidelines

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Recreational Fire

Sometimes there's nothing like sitting around a backyard fire with friends. These types of small fires are permitted in the City of Harrisonburg, and the Harrisonburg Fire Department wants to provide you with some information and safety tips for recreational fires.

  • Fires MUST be contained within a fire ring no greater than 3 feet in diameter, and the fire ring must be made of non-combustible material such as rocks, metal, concrete, etc. 
  • The fire cannot have wood or combustible materials piled higher than 2 feet high.
  • Only ordinary wooden combustibles may be burned.  Burning pressure treated lumber, trash, furniture, etc is prohibited.
  • Fire rings must be at least 25 feet away from any structure or combustible materials (including fences).
  • Portable outdoor fireplaces (Chiminea, etc) shall be used in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions and must be at least 15 feet from any structure or combustible materials. 
  • The fire must be attended at all times while burning.
  • Extinguishment capabilities must be located within 25 feet of the fire which may include a bucket of water, fire extinguisher, sand, or garden hose connected to a water supply.
  • Complaints from surrounding properties may result in the fire to be extinguished.
  • From February 15 through April 30 each year, fires may only burn between 4:00pm and midnight. 


Any violations of the city recreational fire policy may result in the extinguishment of the fire, a Notice of Violation, fines, or a court summons. 

Download a copy of the guidelines.  PDF[166KB]

Guidelines - en Español PDF[226KB]