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The City is currently running the summer bus schedule. The fall schedule is effective August 27, 2018.

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City Routes

Route One [162KB]
Ruta Uno [218KB]

Route 1 map

Route Two [161KB]
Ruta Dos [265KB]

Route 2 map

Route Three [164 KB]
Ruta Tres [231KB]

Route 3 map

Route Four [223KB]
Ruta Cuatro [514KB]

Route 4 map

Route Five [248KB]
Ruta Cinco [272KB]

Route 5 map

Route Six [158KB]
Ruta Seis [359KB]

Route 6 map


Tuesday and Thursday Service Only   -   Bridgewater/Dayton Shuttle [46KB]

El martes y el jueves servicio solamente.  -  Bridgewater / Dayton Conectar [72KB]



JMU Summer Routes (service runs from May 7, 2018 - July 13, 2018)

Summer Shuttle One [77KB]
Lanzandera de verano Uno [241KB]


*Route map to be posted / ¡Mapa de ruta próximamente!

Summer Shuttle Two [94KB]
Lanzandera de verano Dos [230KB]


*Route map to be posted / ¡Mapa de ruta próximamente!



*Preliminary Fall Transit Schedule (Effective 8/27/2018) - Routes are subject to change before effective date.

Route 1 [179KB] Route 2 [244KB] Route 3 [216KB]  
Route 4 [371KB] Route 5 [394KB] Route 6 [227KB] Bridgewater / Dayton Shuttle [73KB]


Shopper (Weekday) [201KB]  Shopper (Saturday) [86KB] Campus Shuttle (Saturday) [239KB]

Inner Campus Shuttle (ICS) [298KB]

Route 11 [223KB]

Route 12 [371KB]

Route 13 [359KB]

Route 14 [374KB]

Route 15 [226KB]
Route 16 [358KB] Route 17 [359KB] Route 18 [377KB]

Route 19 [242KB]

Route 20 [230KB] Route 21 [242KB]
Route 22 [223KB] Route 23 [366KB] Route 200 [473KB]
Route 201 [226KB]        Route 202 [243KB] Route 203 [223KB]
Church Shuttle and Football Shuttle Notice [179KB]
Sunday Shuttle #1 [234KB]

Sunday Shuttle #2 [226KB]



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