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Civil Rights(ADA, & Title VI)

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HDPT Priorities: Safety. Customer Service. Schedule. 

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For more routes and information please visit Bus Routes.

Transit Strategic Plan Survey:

HDPT is creating its Transit Strategic Plan (TSP), a comprehensive document that will shape the future of public transportation service in Harrisonburg over the next ten years. TSPs are required for transit agencies that serve urbanized areas in Virginia to ensure they meet the mobility needs of the community. The goals for the TSP are to provide equitable, safe, and reliable service which will improve the quality of life for riders and foster economic growth. There will be a renewed focus to prioritize exceptional customer service for riders and the TSP will foster connections with local and regional partners to ensure HDPT best serves the community.

We are committed to engaging the community in the planning process through a public survey and in-person pop-up events. These will be opportunities to share your thoughts and ideas that will help shape the TSP and future service improvements it recommends. Whether you are a current rider, potential rider, or Harrisonburg community member, your input is valuable in creating a transit system that meets the mobility needs of the Harrisonburg community!

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