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Department of Public UtilitiesThe Department of Public Utilities is responsible for providing water and sewer services to residences and businesses in the City of Harrisonburg and some in neighboring Rockingham County.  Currently, this department manages approximately 16,000 accounts.  This department not only provides water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, recreational use, industrial supply, and fire protection but also provides waste disposal in the form of sewer services. 

More than 50 employees work for the Department of Public Utilities to answer questions, respond to emergency situations, and provide services to both current and prospective customers. 

The Department of Public Utilities hopes that citizens can use this website to find useful information in addressing questions and concerns in regards to the way in which Public Utilities functions as an organization and provides the City water and sewer services. 


Mission Statement:

The mission of the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia Department of Public Utilities is to provide reliable delivery of safe potable water that meets the Water Works Regulations, Virginia Administrative Code, Chapter 590, and a quantity of water that will enhance fire suppression as determined according to ISO rating.  The mission also includes the conveyance of sanitary sewer service to our citizens in accordance with Sewage Collection and Treatment Regulations, Virginia Administrative Code, Chapter 790.


News and Updates:


Business Model:

PDF[39KB] Business Model Overview
PDF[35KB] Who Are We?
PDF[42KB] How Will We Sustain In A Changing Environment?
PDF[78KB] Who Are Our Stakeholders?


Contact Information

Department of Public Utilities
2155 Beery Road
Harrisonburg, VA  22801
Telephone: 540-434-9959
Fax: 540-434-9769