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Community Development Contact Information

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Current Size: 80%

Phone: 540-432-7700

Fax: 540-432-7777

Department of Planning and Community Development
409 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm (except holidays)

Staff and Email Directory:

Director - Adam Fletcher, Adam.Fletcher@harrisonburgva.gov


Planning and Zoning

Assistant Director - Thanh Dang, AICP - Thanh.Dang@harrisonburgva.gov

Senior Planner - Alison Banks, Alison.Banks@harrisonburgva.gov

Zoning Administrator - Rachel Drescher, CZA, CFM - Rachel.Drescher@harrisonburgva.gov

Zoning Technician (Inspector) - Vacant


Building Inspections

Building Official - Ron Schuett, CBO, MCP - Ron.Schuett@harrisonburgva.gov

Deputy Building Official - Mike Williams, Mike.Williams@harrisonburgva.gov

Plans Reviewer - Tommy Branner, Tommy.Branner@harrisonburgva.gov

Plans Reviewer - Christopher Eads, Christopher.Eads@harrisonburgva.gov  

Building Codes Combination Inspector - Bryan Keagy, Bryan.Keagy@harrisonburgva.gov 

Building Codes Combination Inspector - Jonathan Crosby, Jonathan.Crosby@harrisonburgva.gov

Building Codes Combination Inspector - Vacant

Permit Technician - Julie Kline, Julie.Kline@harrisonburgva.gov

Permit Technician - Melinda Meadows, Melinda.Meadows@harrisonburgva.gov



City Engineer - Dan Rublee, PE - Dan.Rublee@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineer - Matthew Huston, PE - Matthew.Huston@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineer - Vacant

Site Development Coordinator - Vacant

City Surveyor - Charlie Wingard, LS - Charlie.Wingard@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineering Technician - Fred Andes - Fred.Andes@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineering Technician - Jim Scott - Jim.Scott@harrisonburgva.gov

GIS Analyst - Vacant

GIS Technician - Kathy Walker - Kathy.Walker@harrisonburgva.gov



Office and Administrative Support

Acting Office Manager - Nyrma Soffel, Nyrma.Soffel@harrisonburgva.gov 

Administrative Assistant - Vacant


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