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Electronic Review Procedures

Report Construction Site Issues 

Comprehensive Site Plan Procedures

Pre-Application Meeting

Erosion & Sediment Control 

Stormwater Management

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)

Public Access Permit


Notify Community Development of the intent to submit final plans for review via email to

Community Development staff will create a unique folder in MS Teams for the proposed submittal and respond with the link.

Upload all submittal documents to the assigned Teams folder. 



To report construction site issues concerning erosion and sediment control problems or storm water run-off, please call the Department of Planning and Community Development at 540-432-7700.



To determine if a comprehensive site development plan is required, refer to DCSM 1.3.1.PDF[124KB]

Site Development General Information

How do I submit a site plan for review? 

Procedures, applications and forms for site plan review:

Word Document[178KB] Comprehensive Site Plan Review Procedures



The City of Harrisonburg hosts pre-application meetings for rezonings, special use permits, major subdivisions (preliminary plats), street/alley closings, and engineered comprehensive site plans twice a month for property owners, developers, engineers, attorneys, etc. to meet with city departments including, but not limited to, Community Development (Planning & Zoning, Engineering, Building Inspections), Fire, Public Works, Public Utilities, and Public Transportation.

Please visit Pre-Applications Meetings for more information. 



Fire Chief's Preliminary Review (Community Development 540-432-7700)

Fire Chief's Preliminary Fire Review

PDF[13KB] Fire Chief Review Application

For Hydrant Flow Test Report information, please contact the Department of Public Utilities Engineering Division at 540-434-9959.

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA)  Determination of Need (Public Works 540-434-5928)

Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Requirements webpage

Preliminary Engineering Report (Public Utilities 540-434-9959)

DCSM Chapter 4 Water and Sewer Utility Design Standards

DCSM Appendix E Public Utilities Project Management Approach

PDF[273KB] Appendix C: Engineering Report for Water and Sewer Main Extensions



PDF[46KB] Comprehensive Site Plan Review Application

Comprehensive Site Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, and Stormwater Management Plan fees

PDF[115KB] Certified Checklist

Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) - provides design and construction standards. Additional checklists, forms, and templates are available.

Bonding Information

PDF[1.3MB] Hydrological Unit Codes map for the City of Harrisonburg

PDF[66KB] Schedule Agreement for Public Facilities



Questions regarding land disturbance and stormwater management permits can be answered by the Engineering Division at 540-432-7700.

Visit the Municipal Code website to view the City's Erosion and Sedimentation Ordinance.

PDF[2.58MB] Erosion and Sediment Control: A Guide for Single Family Dwellings in the City of Harrisonburg

Comprehensive Site Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, and Stormwater Management Plan fees

Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management Law, Regulations, and Certification Regulations - Please visit the Department of Environmental Quality website for complete and up-to-date state documents.



Stormwater Management Ordinance on the City Code Website 

Comprehensive Site Plan, Erosion & Sediment Control Plan, and Stormwater Management Plan fees

Related documents:

PDF[69KB] Land Disturbing Permit Application

PDF[686KB] Agreement in Lieu of an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

PDF[418KB] Agreement in Lieu of Stormwater Management Plan

Word Document[287KB] Procedures for Submitting BMP Maintenance Agreements

PDF[1.1MB] BMP Maintenance and Inspection Checklist App 9C SWM Handbook

PDF[64KB] SWPPP Table of Contents

Please note that the City of Harrisonburg is an administrator for the VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) VSMP program. All DEQ forms must be submitted to the City of Harrisonburg.

VSMP Construction General Permits

PDF[139KB] Use of Nutrient Credit Purchases for VSMP Compliance 



Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Requirements webpage - For more information, documents and procedures




Public Access Permit (PAP) shall be submitted to the Harrisonburg Department of Public Works and is required for construction, demolition, replacement, installation, excavation, or maintenance within the public street or alley right-of-way (ROW) related to the following:

  • Private and Commercial Entrances
  • Underground Conduits
  • Aboveground Structures (poles, towers, etc.)
  • Overhead Utility Lines
  • Excavations (test bores, emergency openings)
  • Turn Lane Construction
  • Curb and gutter
  • Sidewalks
  • Landscaping
  • Tree Trimming
  • Storm Sewer System
  • Dumpsters (Temporarily located in ROW)
  • On-Street Parking Closures
  • Sidewalk and Road Closure
  • Wireless Small Cell Facilities

Application Instructions

  1. Applicants who plan to work within the public ROW  must submit a completed Public Access Permit Application with all required information and documents, including traffic control, maintenance of traffic plans, engineering plans or plats depicting in detail the work proposed under the requested permit, and any other information and documents required by the Special Conditions, Regulations, and Instructions document.
  2. Applications may be submitted in person via fax, email, or other mail carriers. A nonrefundable application fee is required at the time of submission. Before a permit is issued, the applicant must pay the remaining balance and any applicable fees. See the Public Access Permit Fee and Surety Schedule [195KB]PDF for permit cost information

Work Hours

Unless otherwise permitted, work hours within the ROW shall be Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Night work is only permitted on weekdays from 9 7 a.m.  Weekend work hours will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Permittee may request with the PAP submission to work hours outside of these times, however, the Department of Public Works will evaluate and approve each request on a case-by-case basis.

Emergency Permits

Emergency permits will be granted for conditions that need immediate attention (within 24-48 hours). Emergencies include situations that may result in death or injury to persons or property due to the interruption of essential services resulting from the destruction, disruption, or damage to utility lines, or conditions that will not allow for the safe functioning of the street, pedestrian facilities, or parking systems.

The permittee will apply for a permit providing a Miss Utility ticket number on the application form and will submit it on the first regular business day after the emergency event occurred. The permit will be retroactive to the date when the work began. Any person commencing an emergency excavation and/or emergency activity of any kind without a permit as allowed herein thereby implies acceptance of all requirements and conditions as set forth in the City Code, Design and Construction Standards Manual, and the Public Access Permit Application Special Conditions, Regulations and Instructions [229KB]PDF document.

Safety Devices in Work Zones

All work zones at all times must be sufficiently protected by safety devices. Safety devices for all work authorized by a permit must conform with all codes, rules, and regulations. Safety devices will be maintained by the permittee to protect vehicular and pedestrian traffic and the public. Existing street lighting must be maintained, or temporary street lighting must be provided, as approved by the City.

Permit Expiration

Upon permit expiration, the permittee must immediately cease all work and remove any equipment authorized by the permit unless reapplication is made 72 hours prior to the expiration date and a new permit is issued.

Public Access Permit Documents

PDF[158KB] Public Access Permit Application

PDF[127KB] Public Access Permit Fee Schedule

PDF[123KB] Public Access Permit Revised Guidelines

PDF[195KB] Special Conditions Regulations and Instructions

PDF[125KB] Appendix A - Wireless Small Cell Facilities 

PDF[656KB] Appendix B - Microtrenching Construction Installation Standards

PDF[51KB] 2020 Small Cell Facility Design Requirements



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