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Public Works Contact Information

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Current Size: 80%

Phone: 540-434-5928

Fax: 540-434-2695

Address: Public Works
320 East Mosby Rd.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm (except holidays)


Email Directory: General Inquiries - publicworks@harrisonburgva.gov


Director of Public Works - Tom Hartman, PE, Tom.Hartman@harrisonburgva.gov

Assistant Director of Public Works - Policy & Administration - Aaron Rhoney, Aaron.Rhoney@harrisonburgva.gov

Public Works Manager - Field Operations - Rick Hottinger, Rick.Hottinger@harrisonburgva.gov

Street Superintendent - BJ Crawford, BJ.Crawford@harrisonburgva.gov

PW Project Coordinator - Danielle Morris, Danielle.Morris@harrisonburgva.gov

PW Right-of-Way Agent - Rick Altizer, Larry.Altizer@harrisonburgva.gov

Asset Manager - Kevin Racey, Kevin.Racey@harrisonburgva.gov

Public Works Planning Manager - Erin Yancey, Erin.Yancey@harrisonburgva.gov

Traffic Engineer - Dastan Khaleel, Dastan.Khaleel@harrisonburgva.gov

Transportation Planner - Jakob zumFelde, Jakob.zumFelde@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineering Manager - Aaron Rhoney, Aaron.Rhoney@harrisonburgva.gov

Engineer - Andy Powell, Andy.Powell@harrisonburgva.gov

Construction Program Supervisor - Doug Adams, Doug.Adams@harrisonburgva.gov

Senior Construction Program Inspector - Brent Gerald, Brent.Gerald@harrisonburgva.gov

Construction Program Inspector - Jason Ward, Jason.Ward@harrisonburgva.gov

Environmental Compliance Manager - Rebecca Stimson, Rebecca.Stimson@harrisonburgva.gov 

Stormwater Compliance Specialist - Keith Thomas, Keith.Thomas@harrisonburgva.gov

Environmental Specialist - Wes Runion, Wesley.Runion@harrisonburgva.gov

Solid Waste Superintendent - Jeff Berry, Jeff.Berry@harrisonburgva.gov

Support Services Manager - Harsit Patel, Harsit.Patel@harrisonburgva.gov

Warehouse Specialist - Jeff Moyer, Jeff.Moyer@harrisonburgva.gov

Inventory Control Specialist - Jeremy Spitzer, Jeremy.Spitzer@harrisonburgva.gov

Program Support Specialist - Peggy Farnbach, Peggy.Farnbach@harrisonburgva.gov

Administrative Specialist - Anne Comer, Anne.Comer@harrisonburgva.gov

Outreach and Communications Specialist - Kelly Adams, Kelly.Adams@harrisonburgva.gov

Traffic Superintendent - Shawn Adams, Shawn.Adams@harrisonburgva.gov