Stormwater Projects

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Current Size: 80%

The following projects have stormwater components, but may also serve transportation and other needs. These projects may be in different stages of development such as planning, design, right-of-way, and construction, and are subject to budget appropriations. The scheduled completion dates are tentative.

Unless otherwise noted, questions can be directed to Public Works staff at 540-434-5928 or

  • Stormwater Improvement Plan - This project will identify, select, and prioritize capital projects to reduce water pollution and manage stormwater. This plan development will begin in Fall 2015 and include opportunities for public involvement. Learn More.
  • Protecting and Restoring Urban Tree Canopy for Stormwater Management Grant - A technical assistance grant to incorporate trees as stormwater management. Learn More.


Completed Projects Highlights

  • Stormwater Retrofit Opportunities on Public Land in Harrisonburg - This study prepared by the Center for Watershed Protection in September 2013. Inventory of stormwater retrofit opportunities was conducted to help Harrisonburg determine the level to which stormwater retrofits on public properties can reduce urban nutrients and sediment. This study has been used to help Harrisonburg initiate the East Market Street Stormwater Regenerative Conveyance project and will inform the Stormwater Improvement and Polluted Runoff Reduction Plan (listed above).
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