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Stormwater Advisory Committee

Presentations to City Council

Open Houses and Public Comment


General Program Development Schedule


Stormwater Advisory Committee

On November 26, 2013, City Council adopted bylaws establishing the Stormwater Advisory Committee (SWAC). The original Committee was comprised of eight members and one City Council representative serving as an ex-officio member. The members are appointed by City Council. Committee members represent:

a. Residents, civic leagues, homeowners associations.
b. Institutional and tax exempt entities including colleges and churches.
c. Business community including residential, commercial and industrial property owners, malls, and business groups.
d. Professional engineers, real estate developers, and construction contractors.
e. Special interest groups that represent economic development, environmental or outdoor recreation.

This Committee met once a month beginning in February 2013 through March 2014 to provide guidance, oversight and recommendations to City Council and staff in the implementation of a Stormwater Management Program that will meet the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The City's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit requires the City to prevent and control polluted runoff through implementing best management practices, which include public education and water quality activities, installing stormwater management practices like bioretention pervious pavers, rain barrels or cisterns, preserving green space, street sweeping, and properly storing chemicals to prevent spills.

With these new initiatives and requirements come added expenses to the City of Harrisonburg. The SWAC has spent time researching best practices and funding sources from other localities to determine the most efficient model for Harrisonburg.

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Minutes


Original Committee Members, Positions Appointed Address
Dale Chesnut 1/14/14 452 W. Water Street, Harrisonburg
Kathy Holm 1/14/14 320 Dixie Avenue, Harrisonburg
William Jones 1/14/14 94 Laurel Street, Harrisonburg
Eldon Kurtz 1/14/14 555 E. Wolfe Street, Harrisonburg
William Latham 1/14/14 427 Mountain View Drive, Harrisonburg
Daniel Michael 1/14/14 1469 Mt. Crawford Avenue, Bridgewater
JM Snell 1/14/14 1310 Little Sorrell Drive, Harrisonburg
Ted Byrd, Ex-offico 12/10/13 238 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg


Presentations to City Council 

On September 23, November 11, 2015 and February 24, 2015 the SWAC and city staff presented a draft stormwater utility ordinance and fee to City Council.


Open Houses and Public Comment

Two open house meetings were hosted by the City and the Stormwater Advisory Committee to continue educating and communicating with our residents regarding this topic. These took place on November 12 at Thomas Harrison Middle School and on December 2 at Spotswood Elementary School.

A public input and comment period was open until December 20, 2014. Comments were also accepted through Be Heard Harrisonburg's Managing Polluted Runoff discussion pages. 

Open House Materials

  • Draft/ Proposed Stormwater Utility Ordinance
  • Credit Manuals for Residential and Non-Residential


NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING - Published February 9, 2015

PDF[347KB] Notice of Public Hearing for February 24, 2015 City Council Meeting

Comments were received orally at the City Council meeting on February 24, 2015 during the public hearing. Watch the February 24, 2015 Council Presentation video.

Documents considered by City Council are below. Final adopted documents are on the Stormwater Utility Page.