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The City of Harrisonburg adopted a Stormwater Utility Fee to provide funding in the support of the operation, maintenance, and regulation of the City's extensive stormwater management system. 

The utility fee has been designed for owners of developed property in the City to assist in stormwater management program costs. The utility fee program is based on the amount of impervious area on developed property because properties with higher amounts of impervious area contribute greater amounts of stormwater runoff and pollutants to the stormwater management system. Property owners will see this fee as a separate line item on their Real Estate Tax Bill.

To pay for or view your bill, visit the Real Estate Tax page. 


PDF[502KB] Press Release: Tax Bills To Be Distributed This Month

At the August 9, 2016 City Council meeting, council members voted unanimously to lower the stormwater utility fee billing rate to $6.00/billing unit/year rather than the formerly established $10.50/billing unit/year. This change comes at the conclusion of the 2015-2016 stormwater utility fee billing year. All fee changes will be reflected in the upcoming real estate/stormwater bill sent in October. Council had requested that staff re-evaluate the stormwater utility fee since the City’s 5% required pollution reduction goals have been met.

Projects in the planning phase such as the East Market Street Regenerative Conveyance Channel and the Northend Greenway Stream Restoration project will remain funded regardless of fee changes. Previously proposed water quality-based  projects will be further reviewed through development of the Stormwater Improvement Plan. The goal of the Stormwater Improvement Plan is to evaluate the City’s water quality needs and to determine the most feasible water quality projects throughout the City of Harrisonburg.

In addition to the billing rate change, impervious area will now be measured using 2015 aerial imagery and LiDAR data from the Virginia Geographic Information Network. These changes will increase the accuracy of property assessments.

The majority of residential and non-residential credit applications submitted by the July 1, 2016 deadline have been processed. Staff encourages property owners to continue participation in the credit program. Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis and those received after July 1, 2016 will be implemented in the 2017-2018 billing year. New credit applications will be due before July 1, 2017.

Please direct any questions to the Public Works Department at 540-434-5928 or


Stormwater Utility Fee Information for Property Owners


Use the above buttons above to learn more about the Residential or Non-Residential Credit Programs!


What does the Stormwater Utility Fee pay for?

The stormwater utility fee pays for the City's projects and programs to reduce polluted runoff. The first several years of the program will focus on the following activities:

  • Development of  a city-wide Stormwater Improvement Plan to identify, select, and prioritize capital projects to reduce pollution, manage stormwater, and protect our drinking water sources.
  • Design and construction of stormwater capital projects, including retrofits and community greening projects to reduce pollution and improve water quality.  This includes projects on city owned properties and partnerships (such as grants or cost-share) with private property owners. 
  • Coordination of pollution reduction efforts including staff training, pollution prevention and good housekeeping practices for municipal operations, pollution detection and elimination program, and public education and outreach.
  • Maintenance and operation of city-owned stormwater drainage and stormwater management facilities. 

How was the Stormwater Utility Fee Program developed?

The program was developed by city staff and the Council appointed members of the Stormwater Advisory Committee, and included open house meetings and public input (Learn about the Stormwater Utility Fee development process.)


How was the impervious area on my property assessed?

PDF[391KB] Impervious Area Assessment Fact Sheet

How do I see how much impervious area is on my property using the Stormwater Utility Mapping Tool?

Stormwater Utility Mapping


If you have questions about your stormwater utility bill, or how to use this tool, please call Harrisonburg Public Works at 540-434-5928 or email


Is the City's mapping of my property's impervious areas correct? (Select image below)

Is Our Mapping Correct?



How do I reduce my fee through the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Program?

Property owners are encouraged to participate in the Stormwater Utility Fee Credit Program and submit an application for new or existing stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) on their properties. By maintaining BMPs, property owners can reduce stormwater runoff volume and pollutant levels from their properties and can reduce their fee by up to 50%. Click on the buttons below to find out more about the residential and non-residential credit programs.

Residential Credit Program linkNon-Residential Credit Information Link


What if I still have questions?

PDF[210KB] Stormwater Management & Utility Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  -The Stormwater Utility Fee Frequently Asked Questions has been prepared to assist property owners in answering inquiries about the fee.


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Contact Information

If you still have questions or would like to speak with someone about the Stormwater Utility Fee, please email or call 540-434-5928.