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The City of Harrisonburg’s Urban Forestry Program has many different looks, from Urban Parks to street trees to stream buffers, greenways, to landscaped downtown areas.  The City recognizes the value of green infrastructure to our community.  Trees, Urban Forests, are more important than ever.  They improve the air we breathe, reduce noise, filter the water, help control stormwater runoff, provide shade and habitat for a wide variety of living things, and beautify our urban landscapes.

To manage, and improve, all the City’s Urban Forests the Public Works Department utilizes the skills of our three certified arborists, two are also International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ).  Why is this important?  Since 2018 our team has been very busy with Ash trees, which is when the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) beetle made its way to Harrisonburg.  Since 2018 550 ash trees have been removed due to the destruction caused by the EAB, with 750 more ash trees scheduled for removal by year-end 2021. Our TRAQ team has been proactive in treating healthier ash trees by participating in the Department of Forestry’s Cost Share Program. In 2018, 36 ash trees were treated in an attempt to preserve them. In 2020, 32 of those original 36 trees received a second treatment.  The four untreated in the second round were damaged by storms.  We will reevaluate these remaining 32 trees for treatment again in 2022.  

Those are a lot of trees, what happened to them?  

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What happens to the ash trees

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More about all of the trees in Harrisonburg



The Urban Forestry Management Plan Community Survey is Complete!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on how the City's Public Trees are managed.  Your responses to the survey will help guide the development of Harrisonburg's Urban Forestry Management Plan.  The Plan will provide the Public Works Urban Forestry team a guide with detailed information and recommendations on how to most effectively and proactively manage our public trees.  We need your input to create a plan that best suits the needs of The Friendly City. 



Ash Trees from Ralph Sampson Hillandale and Purcell Parks


Urban Forestry & Urban Wood Program Resources

The City of Harrisonburg focuses on the care and management of trees and tree populations for the purpose of improving our urban environment. Efforts and city projects relating to urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of Harrisonburg's urban infrastructure. Participation with local related organizations and current efforts within the city include:


Feature Articles and Media Coverage

For more information on Harrisonburg Public Works' urban wood utilization efforts contact Jeremy.Harold@HarrisonburgVA.gov