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Downtown Streetscape Plan

With the rapid growth and unique challenges in our downtown area, the need for a comprehensive planning document for public infrastructure has arisen.  To meet this need, city staff, along with a committee of key stakeholders, have been working to update the Downtown Streetscape Plan. This plan will build upon the 2005 Downtown Streetscape Plan by expanding the study area and covering additional elements that are necessary to clarify the vision for downtown. 

Note: The Downtown Streetscape Plan is a comprehensive plan and vision, not to be confused with the Downtown Streetscape Project that will begin next summer. The City will undergo a second beautification project in the downtown corridor, called "Downtown Streetscape Project Phase II." This project will replace and upgrade sidewalks on the west side of Main Street, from Court Square to Wolfe Street.

Harrisonburg Downtown Streetscape Plan


The Draft Downtown Streetscape Plan will go before Planning Commission in early 2014 for review and recommendation to City Council. 

PDF[36MB] DRAFT Harrisonburg Downtown Streetscape Plan (December 2013)


A Public Meeting was hosted by the City on Thursday, August 8, 2013 in City Council Chambers at 409 South Main Street from 5:30pm-7:30pm. This was an opportunity for members of the community to view the updated draft of the Downtown Streetscape Plan and discuss one-on-one with city staff its key features. If you missed the forum, view the full draft Plan and summary display boards below. 

PDF[11MB] Downtown Streetscape Plan Display Boards (as presented on August 8, 2013)



Specific goals outlined in the Downtown Streetscape Plan:

  1. Develop a comprehensive vision for the public right-of-way within the study area to define public and private expectation for project elements.
  2. Provide a plan for safe and efficient pedestrian and bicycle accommodations.
  3. Provide sufficient parking to support future downtown business, residential housing, and visitor needs.
  4. Enhance public transportation facilities to accommodate citizens and visitors.
  5. Develop a plan for public services in the downtown area that addresses the changing needs of businesses.
  6. Plan for necessary improvements to public and private utility infrastructure.
  7. Partner with property owners and community stakeholders to provide opportunities for development or redevelopment of public and private downtown properties.
  8. Consider expanded recreational and green space opportunities in the downtown core.
  9. Enhance the visual character of the downtown streetscape.


What are the next steps for the Downtown Streetscape Plan?

  1. The revised plan will be presented to the Harrisonburg Planning Commission in early 2014.
  2. The Harrisonburg Planning Commission will determine a date for a public comment period. This public comment period will take place at a Planning Commission meeting.
  3. City staff will take into consideration suggested revisions from the Harrisonburg Planning Commission and make those changes before the next phase of this proposal.
  4. If recommended by the Harrisonburg Planning Commission, the plan will then be presented to Harrisonburg City Council, for which a date has not yet been determined.
  5. Harrisonburg City Council will then hold a public comment period.




PDF[10MB] Harrisonburg Downtown Streetscape Plan, 2005


For more information about this plan, please contact Brad Reed at Brad.Reed@harrisonburgva.gov or 540-434-5928.



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