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What are Roadway Reconfigurations?

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Roadway reconfigurations have a role to play in the City of Harrisonburg's efforts toward safer roads and a more connected network of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. 

Roadway reconfiguration efforts seek to improve safety and operations on roads through modifying the use of the existing pavement to change the number and alignment of lanes. Most commonly, a road with two lanes in each direction is reconfigured to have one lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and bicycle lanes in each direction, along with necessitated storage lanes or additional turn lanes where needed (see image on right for example).

The Federal Highway Administration has shown this type of roadway reconfiguration to improve safety, and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) encourages implementation of reconfigurations when appropriate. According to VDOT, at least 70 reconfigurations have been completed in Virginia. Here are examples of reconfigurations in Virginia.

Benefits of Road Reconfigurations may Include:

  • Reduction of rear-end and left-turn crashes due to the dedicated left-turn lane.
  • Reduced right-angle crashes as side street motorists cross three versus four travel lanes.
  • Fewer lanes for pedestrians to cross.
  • Opportunity to install pedestrian refuge islands, bicycle lanes, on-street parking, or transit stops.
  • Speeds more consistent with the posted speed limit, making them safer.
  • A more community-focused, Complete Streets environment that better accommodates the needs of all road users.
  • A low-cost safety solution when planned alongside a simple pavement overlay. 

Reconfiguration of a roadway will be considered if:

  • Evaluation completed shows that the desired benefits may be achieved
  • Operations at intersections are acceptable
  • If the road’s capacity is greater than the projected traffic for the area, including growth assumptions, through study year 2040.
  • If intersection delay is not increased beyond level of service D (35-55 seconds), through study year 2040.  Level of service D is the approximate industry standard for acceptable amount of delay in cities with similar traffic conditions to Harrisonburg, and is the level of service goal currently cited in the City’s 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

In Harrisonburg, reconfiguration is being considered for multiple road corridors. The City’s goals for each reconfiguration are to decrease crashes and improve the safety and desirability of biking and walking on the corridor. 


Candidates for Road Reconfiguration

Corridors Identified for Reconfigurations

The corridors listed below have been studied for reconfiguration, are funded for reconfiguration, or have been identified for potential reconfiguration. Unless otherwise noted for a corridor, reconfiguration will be considered when the road is next repaved through the annual paving schedule. All reconfiguration concept diagrams are preliminary and subject to change. Of the corridors identified below, portions of Mt. Clinton Pike, Garbers Church Road, and East Market Street were reconfigured in Summer 2023. More detailed information may be found below and timeline for each project will be provided as planned.

All Roadway Reconfiguration Study Details and Concept Diagrams:

Mt. Clinton Pike between Main Street (US 11) and Virginia Avenue (VA 42)

A study was completed in 2022 that evaluated the reconfiguration of this corridor.

Gay Street between Liberty Street and Broad Street

A study was completed in 2022 that evaluated the reconfiguration of this corridor. In 2023, the City was awarded funding through the Virginia Highway Safety Improvement Program (VHSIP) to complete the reconfiguration and add crosswalks at two intersections on the corridor. 

Garbers Church Road between W. Market Street (US 33) and Erickson Avenue       

A study was completed in 2022 that evaluated the reconfiguration of this corridor. Reconfiguration work was completed on one section of Garbers Church Road in Summer 2023 with the remaining portion scheduled for Summer 2024.

W. Market Street (US 33) between High St (VA 42) and Garbers Church Road

A study was completed in 2022 that evaluated the reconfiguration of this corridor.

E. Market Street (US 33) between Mason Street and Vine Street/Hawkins Street   

A study was completed in 2022 that evaluated the reconfiguration of this corridor. It was not abundantly clear that the potential benefits of the reconfiguration concept presented in the study documents outweighed the potential difficulties it could create; therefore, the reconfiguration concept was modified to reattain only the elements that improve traffic conditions, leaving the rest of the street unchanged. The modified concept reconfigures E. Market Street from Mason Street to Myrtle Street, and includes pedestrian safety enhancements.

The study documents below are provided for information purposes only, and will NOT be implemented. 

Evelyn Byrd Avenue between E. Market Street (US 33) and Reservoir Street

  • Reconfiguration of this roadway has been funded. For more information, view the project webpage.
  • Concept diagrams and information about the evaluation completed will be provided during the public involvement phase of the project. 

University Boulevard between E. Market Street (US 33) and Carrier Drive

  • Reconfiguration of this road has been funded between Reservoir Street and E. Market Street. For more information, view the project webpage.
  • Concept diagrams and information about the evaluation completed will be provided during the public involvement phase of the project.
  • Reconfiguration of this road between Reservoir Street and Carrier Drive is being considered for implementation at the same time as the segment of University Boulevard east of Reservoir Street.

Completed Reconfiguration Resources

Summer 2023 Roadway Reconfigurations PDF Icon [2.52MB]

Visual Aids from the March 2023 Open House Event Included: (All files are in PDF format PDF Icon)

March 2023 Public Questionnaire 

A Roadway Reconfiguration Public Questionnaire was released for the month of April 2023 to serve as a tool to collect public thoughts about reconfigurations and specific upcoming projects. The Questionnaire is now closed, however, the public is welcome to submit feedback by emailing The public is welcome to view the Questionnaire Results Summary PDF Icon [97.5KB]