Safety Contact Information

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Current Size: 80%

  • Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Non-Emergency: 540-434-4436
  • Police Administration: 540-437-2600
  • Fire Administration: 540-432-7703


Tips when calling 9-1-1

Stay calm – It is important to take a deep breath and not get excited.

Know the location of the emergency – This may be asked several times by the call taker, but don’t get frustrated. Communicators are confirming your address for verification purposes.

Allow the communicator to guide the conversation – They are typing the information into a computer and another communicator is dispatching emergency service responders at the same time.

Keep your eyes open – "Paint" a picture. Be prepared to describe victims, suspects, vehicles, or other parts of the scene.

Do NOT hang up until directed to do so.

Misdial? Stay on the line. Advise the communicator that you inadvertently dialed 9-1-1 and that you do not have an emergency.