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Toter getting ready to be tipped

Toter trash carts are improving the way Harrisonburg collects trash!  The Toter trash carts have been delivered to the addresses they service, and our sanitation crews are already seeing a big improvement.  The new Toter system utilizes a Toter trash cart that attaches to a tipper plate, attached to each of the City's sanitation trucks, to lift the 96- or 48-gallon Toter trash carts provided by Public Works for use at each of the serviced addresses.  The Toter program is cleaner, quicker, and has less of a physical impact on our sanitation workers.  We know you have questions, visit the Toter-FAQ page to see answers to some of the most common Toter questions. Do not see your question in the FAQ's?  Email your question to or call the office at 540-434-5928.


The new Toter trash cart program will offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Ease of use for citizens
  • Improved curb appeal on "trash day" by making sure everyone has a large, uniform trash cart instead of placing bags on the ground
  • Creating progress toward the City's Environmental Action Plan goals
  • Increased employee safety by reducing the amount of lifting staff has to endure
  • Cleaner streets and stormwater systems (thanks to enclosed, lidded trash carts keeping debris out of the City road and stormwater ways)
  • Improved collection operations and efficiency
  • Enhanced COVID-19 safety


Toters are here! Toter Delivery Flyer - English [388KB]PDF

¡Los Toter están aquí! - Toter Delivery Flyer - Español [742KB]PDF

Toter Delivery Flyer - Arabic [7MB]PDF


Send us your questions at, call us at 540-434-5928, or visit our FAQ page.




Did you know?

Each Public Works Sanitation crew member physically handled more than 1 million pounds of refuse in 2019.