How Do I Find Information on Bids or Proposals?

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Sealed Invitations to Bid (ITB) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) over $30,000 are posted under the City's Bids and Proposals webpage and also onVirginia's e-procurement website, eVA.  Carefully follow the instructions within the ITB/RFP when submitting your response.  You can subscribe to get bid and proposal updates via RSS feeds. 


Small Purchases/Non Professional Services Thresholds:

$00 - $5,000---------No bids required, but encouraged.

$5,001 - $15,000-----Three (3) documentated Telephone bids.

$15, 001 - $30,000---Three (3) documentated Written Bids from Vendor.

Over $30,000--------Sealed Advertised ITB/RFP.


Professional Services over $30,000 - Sealed, Advertised RFP

"Professional Services" as defined by the Code of Virginia: Work performed by an independent contractor within the scope of the practice of accounting, actuarial services, architecture, land surveying, landscape architecture, law, dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy or professional engineering. Additional information on the Code of Virginia and the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) may be viewed through the links below.

Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA)

Code of Virginia (VPPA)

Purchases under $30,000 are usually done at the department level.  You may file a Vendor Application with the Purchasing Department who will distribute your Vendor Application to the using departments.  Vendor applications are available on the main Vendors webpage. 


Subscribe to RSS feeds

RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to updates on You will need a RSS reader application or online service to browse, open, and subscribe to RSS feeds. There are many free readers available in order to subscribe to our feeds; examples are Bloglines, Google Reader, Mozilla Firefox, and NewsGator.

RSS Feed For new Invitations to Bid, subscribe to the Bids feed.

RSS Feed For new Requests for Proposals, subscribe to the Proposals feed.

RSS Feed To be notified of all new bids and proposals and when an addendum is added to bids and/or proposals, subscribe to the Recently Updated Bids feed.