HPD Geographical Policing

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Current Size: 80%

The second phase of Geographic Policing for the City of Harrisonburg began on Wednesday, November 13, 2013. New districts are now in effect, providing better response for our community.

The City previously was divided into four beats, however the new plan has increased the number to seven districts. Increasing the districts will provide smaller areas and will increase the accountability for the policing in those districts.

PDF[1.3MB] HPD Geographic Policing Press Release

PDF[795KB] HPD District Map (including street names)


PDF[1.5MB] HPD 7 District Patrol Map (no street names)

HPD Districts

District Number, Supervisor, Email Day Shift    Night Shift
1.  Lt. Knott
Officer Klotz This district will be absorbed into District 2.
2. Sgt. Hammer

Officer Hensley
Officer Denneny

Officer Keirce
Officer Haug
Officer Raymann
3. Cpl. Wonderley
    Cpl. Joiner
Officer Leeper
Officer Slater
Officer Hiley
Detective Spiggle
Officer D. Johnson
Officer Flick
Officer Hancock
Officer D. Jones
4. Sgt. Howard
Officer Matthias
Officer Kelly
Officer B. Jones
Detective Life
Officer Sofy
Officer Kramer
Officer Aderholz
5. Sgt. Monahan
    Cpl. Jewell
Officer K. Ritchie
Officer Jackman
Officer Stutes
Detective Gulino
Officer Aderholz

Officer Shifflett
Officer Smoot
Officer Kline
Officer Douglas

6. Sgt. Terrell
Officer Diaz
Officer Hermes
Detective Wyant
Officer Aderholz
Officer Thurston
Officer C. Wetherell
7. Cpl. Luerrsen

Officer Hanlon
Officer Burgoon
Detective Dyer
Officer Aderholz

Officer D. Morris
Officer Joseph

Mental Illness Crisis Team (MICT) - Officer Hensley (A), Officer Morris (B), Officer Campbell (C), Officer Anderson (D)