KNOX® Box Requirements

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Current Size: 80%

Fire Department Access System (KNOX®)

  1. The Fire Prevention Code of the City of Harrisonburg, Chapter 5 §506.1 requires a key repository (key box) for buildings where fire alarms are installed.  Order forms for the KNOX® key box (KBB) indicating the key number required are available from the Fire Marshal's Office of Harrisonburg Fire Department, 101 North Main Street, 3rd Floor, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, 540-432-7703
  2. The size and number of the KBB shall be determined by the Fire Marshal.  Installation of the KNOX® key boxes shall be coordinated with the Fire Marshal's office that will determine the location with at least one box located at the primary fire department entrance (main entrance).  However, depending on the complexity of the building, more than one key box may be required. 
  3. The KBB shall be visible and accessible at 48 inches to 72 inches above finished grade.
  4. The KBB shall contain all keys or pass cards necessary to gain access into the building and other critical areas including but not limited to main entrance or other entrance doors, fire control room, elevator machine room, storage room(s), laundry room(s), trash room(s), electrical room(s), roof, sprinkler room, and mechanical room(s).  
  5. In addition, keys to critical building systems and equipment shall be available including but not limited to sprinkler control valve pad lock(s), and elevator fireman's service.
  6. Keys shall be on a firm key ring (no loose keys) with a tag indicating how many keys should be on each ring.  Each key shall be marked with applicable information.
  7. The following applicable keys shall be placed in the KBB:
  • Master Key
  • Main Entrance
  • Apartment Master
  • Any additional entrance or exit points, locked stairwell doors, roof access doors
  • Fire control room, fire alarm reset, sprinkler control valve pad lock(s), elevator fireman's service (marked in red)
  • Elevator machine room(s), mechanical room(s), electrical room(s) (marked in blue)
  • Storage room(s), laundry room(s), trash room(s)

Vehicle Gates

  1. All vehicle security gates shall be capable of automatic and manual operation, manual override via KNOX® Access Key Switch, or approved pre-emptive sensing device.
  2. No obstructions such as spikes or other roadway hindrances will be allowed.
  3. All gate installations and modifications shall be subject to a final field test by the Harrisonburg Fire Department.

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