Leaf Collection Schedule

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Current Size: 80%

The City is separated into the east and west sections with leaf trucks assigned to each section on alternating weeks. In the heavily forested areas a specific truck is assigned for leaf collection. 

The City of Harrisonburg Public Works Department will be starting the annual curbside leaf collection on November 13, 2018.

Leaves are vacuumed up Monday – Friday for six weeks excluding Veterans Day and Thanksgiving holidays. Leaf collection continues for six weeks with the following schedule, weather permitting:

West Side of Main St. & Forest Hills  
East Side of Main St. & Fairway Drive

November 13-November 16 (excluding holiday)

November 26-30

December 10-14

November 19-21 (excluding holidays)

December 3-7

December 17-21


*During the above dates, streets will be done only once per week.


Guidelines for collection:

  • Citizens are asked to rake their leaves out to the curb or the edge of the roadway. 
  • Leaves will not be picked up if there is excessive grass, limbs, branches, trash, etc. mixed with leaves.  No exceptions. 
  • Leaves need to be raked to the back of the curb, not to extend more than five feet into your yard. 
  • Please do not rake leaves into the street. 
  • Please do not park vehicles around leaves.


Before and after these dates, place your leaves in a biodegradable bag or 35 gallon container with no liner for assigned Wednesday pickup. (See Yard Debris and Bulk collection.)  Once the annual collection is complete, there will be no limit on contained leaves that are set out for Wednesday pickup through December 30, 2017. Leaves not properly placed for pickup will be subject to a violation fee.


Questions? Call Public Works at 540-434-5928.

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