Tree Stewards Harrisonburg

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Current Size: 80%

Tree StewardsTree Stewards are community volunteers committed to promoting healthy urban and rural forests in Virginia. The intent is to increase public awareness regarding the value of trees, tree education, and tree care through providing classes, educational programs, and projects in the community.  With classroom training and hands-on practice, Tree Stewards are equipped to identify trees, counsel on tree selection, demonstrate proper tree planning and follow-up care, and guide removal of invasive plants that threaten trees. 

Additional information on Tree Stewards can be found at or call 540-433-2474.

*This program is currently not meeting and is in a transitional phase for continuing in the future. 


Additional Resources:

Virginia Department of Forestry - Tree Identification

Virginia Tech Dendrology Fact Sheets

PDF[4.6MB] Harrisonburg Tree Stewards Overview

PDF[2.8MB] Selecting Quality Trees

PDF[3.4MB] Planting and Establishing Trees

PDF[3.8MB] Roots and Planting Trees

PDF[5.3MB] Preventive Pruning

PDF[1.4MB] Tree Problems

PDF[2.4MB] Trees and People

PDF[4.1MB] Tree Structure