Urban Tree Canopy Community Meeting

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On July 25, staff invites community members to learn about the health and extent of Harrisonburg’s urban forest canopy, review strategies for best management of the canopy, and find out how trees play a role in reducing stormwater runoff.

The community meeting will be from 5:30-7:30pm in Classroom 1 at the Cecil F. Gilkerson Community Activities Center at 305 S Dogwood Dr.

The Green Infrastructure Center (GIC), a primary project partner, will present the findings of the 18-month study of Harrisonburg’s tree canopy. Chris McCormick, Community Natural Resource Planner at the GIC says: “We are at the conclusion of our study and are meeting to share the results. This is a chance to have your opinion heard, so let’s discuss how we can protect and grow the resource that gives back so much – our trees!” 

After the presentation, community members will be able to view maps of current canopy cover, review potential planting areas, and share urban forestry-related ideas. City staff will be available to describe current and planned tree planting projects, as well as how tree cover can be used to reduce homeowner’s stormwater utility fee. Tree canopy coverage, rain barrels, and disconnected downspouts are all options for property owners to reduce their annual stormwater utility fee. To learn more, visit the Residential Credit Program page or call Public Works at 540-434-5928.

Project partners included the City of Harrisonburg, The Virginia Department of Forestry, and The Green Infrastructure Center (GIC).  Funding was provided by the USDA Forest Service and matched in-kind though participation by the City.

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